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I have a passion for wildlife, especially cats both big and small. I have seven Maine Coon cats and adore watching and studying them along with an interest in learning and understanding their psychology, particularly their vocalisation. When the opportunity arises I enjoy photographing and supporting the Big Cat Sanctuary, Paradise Wildlife Park and the British Wildlife Centre amongst others. The work they perform in conservation of our most treasured creatures is so valuable.

Keira Jaguar cub four months old at Paradise Wildlife Park
Paradise Wildlife Park - Cheetah
Big Cat Sanctuary - African Lion
Paradise Wildlife Park - Lion
Paradise Wildlife Park - Jaguar
Big Cat Sanctuary - African Lion
Big Cat Sanctuary - African Lion
Big Cat Sanctuary - Tiger
Black Leopard - Big Cat Sanctuary
Cheetah - Big Cat Sanctuary
Fishing Cat - Big Cat Sanctuary
Leopard - Big Cat Sanctuary
Lion - Big Cat Sanctuary
Jungle Cat - Big Cat Sanctuary
Clouded Leopard - Big Cat Sanctuary
Tiger - Big Cat Sanctuary
Otters Paradise Wildlife Park
Red Kite at Hambledon
Red Fox - British Wildlife Centre
Cow herd - Edenbridge
Gorilla - Howletts
Tiger - Howletts
Barn Owl - Stonham
Red Kite - Stonham
Maine Coon - Harley
Maine Coons feeding time
Maine Coon - bookcase snooze
Maine Coon - Juno

Hello, I'm Sarah Medway - a British outdoor photographer based in Kent, England. My work tends to focus on the beautiful Kent, Surrey and Sussex countryside, coastal landscapes and wildlife surrounding me.

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